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  • [Guide] Weed Shop 2

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    [Tabmenu: Generally] Hey @ all, here u can find the <a href=";browsefilter=trend&amp;browsesort=creationorder&amp;requiredtags%5B%5D=Gameplay+Basics&amp;requiredtags%5B%5D=-1" class="externalURL" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">Guides from Steam</a> which ADHD Studios wrote.

  • ----‘He said, “Oh. Sorry buddy. You know, you seem to be a cool guy, but I’m not into Asians”.’---- jc_brown_driftwood.jpg JC Brown was shocked by some of the discriminatory comments he heard from other gay men A Filipino man has given a moving account of the discriminatory comments he’s experienced on the gay scene since he relocated to the US. JC Brown is one of the latest contributors to one of our favorite websites: I’m From Driftwood. The website acts as a portal for personal video stories …

  • [Tabmenu: General] Hey @ all, here you can find the download of 3 funny and cool mobile games about weed.

  • Whatsapp

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    ----WhatsApp brings back text Status it replaced with Stories---- whatsapp-status1.jpg The Snapchatification of everything has resulted in backlash for WhatsApp, prompting it to revive its text Status option while keeping its image-based replacement. The move shows how social apps must quickly react to feedback if they make a false step in modernizing to adapt to visual communication. In mid-February, WhatsApp removed the feature that let you set an away message, and then gave the Status name to…

  • rothschild_2763096b.jpg One of the richest men in the world said in an interview that even though funds and assets of the company are at their highest, the margins and the lines are all dependent on the political situations around the world. Lord Jacob Rothschild further told his investors, giving them a more vivid warning, that because of current situations, investments are going to be more diversified. He further supported his claim by saying his company is going to protect his shareholders an…

  • Studies conducted on rhesus negative blood types show that they are missing the Rhesus factor, a protein substance present in the red blood cells of other humans. Theories suggest that people with Rhesus (RH) negative blood may be from outside this world. if.png Others suggest they are fallen angels from the heavens above or they belong to an alien race from somewhere in the vast darkness of space. What is clear is that those who have with Rhesus (RH) negative blood are different and unique. A p…

  • Screen-Shot-2017-02-21-at-10.47.46-PM.png Imagine, if you will, this scenario. It is the middle of the night, and you are sleeping. All of a sudden, you awaken, however you can not move. Your eyelids will not open, and you cannot move your limbs. You can not even move your fingers and toes. Breathing is challenging. If feels like there is something sitting on your chest and you are specific there is a being sitting on you and making you feel this method. This scary lasts for minutes, but it appe…