Have You Ever Woken Up In The Middle Of The Night Unable To Move? This Is Why! Sleep Paralysis

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    • Have You Ever Woken Up In The Middle Of The Night Unable To Move? This Is Why! Sleep Paralysis

      Imagine, if you will, this scenario.

      It is the middle of the night, and you are sleeping. All of a sudden, you awaken, however you can not move. Your eyelids will not open, and you cannot move your limbs. You can not even move your fingers and toes.
      Breathing is challenging. If feels like there is something sitting on your chest and you are specific there is a being sitting on you and making you feel this method. This scary lasts for minutes, but it appears like hours. It’s scary.

      This might appear like a scene from a horror book, but it is actually a real-life problem for a lot of people. That is right. Tonight, there will be individuals who awaken to the previous situation. They will have no idea exactly what is going on, and they will not be able to move.

      It is time to read more about this phenomenon.

      These symptoms stem from an odd sleep phenomenon called sleep paralysis. While numerous social and psychological aspects can influence the occurrence of sleep paralysis, a 2011 paper integrated 35 researches with more than 36,000 individuals complete. The authors found that 7.6% of the general population experiences this disease, increasing to 28.3% in high-risk groups, like students who have an interrupted sleep pattern. And in individuals with mental illness, like anxiety and depression, 31.9% experienced these episodes.

      Daniel Denis, a PhD candidate in cognitive neuroscience and scientist at the Sleep Paralysis Job, discusses the whole scenario perfectly:.

      ” When you’re experiencing this sleeping disease, you become mindful. The idea is that your mind wakes up but your body doesn’t.”

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