I have the chant copied for RuneScape

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    • I have the chant copied for RuneScape

      I feel so powerful... Like I could attack bigger and RuneScape gold better stuff! Outstanding! (You exit the cave and also re-appear out of a portal back at the digsite.) What happened? My cat thinks it can attack larger monsters now. I killed an ancient cat, and it has power got sucked from my kitty. Hmmm, it looks very strong and mysterious now. Give me the kitty armour. I will get it is framework so that you can earn cat armour. (You give cat armour to the Examiner.)

      Have you finished the frame? Yes. Here! Take it, and then you can make kitty armour, and cat claws too! In addition, I have the chant copied for you if you want it again. Thanks! Congratulations! Quest Complete! Frame for creating cat armour and cat claws. Ability for the cat to fight creatures. Ability to buy the chants for the Historical Cat dungeon. Ability for the cat to wear cat armour and cat claws. You can speak with the examiner and she'll give you a framework and/or chant in case you need one.

      Lots Of Fire Making Suggestions. I got a few FM suggestions... The emote is too boring. So here is a better one, Your Character burst into flames and flames die down revealing your character laughing maniacally. Fire the Weapon: Ever play Pokemon and your Pokemon got the Burn status? That is exactly what this is all about! The greater the log the better damage. The damage it does is low but you"burn" your enemy and they get hurt kind of like poison.

      Fire Randoms: There is no passion creating randoms. So here is a great one: Rabid fire: The flame goes out of control and hurt everyone around you, like chinchompas. Fire defense: That is right, wieldible flame!! You can light a fire in your head to shelter you from ice barrage,etc.. That is all I could think of today. I'll think of Firemaking suggestions soon.

      Requirements: 60 woodcutting, 9 farming, the capability to kill a lvl 175 gryphon. A dragon axe along with a high mage level are recomended. Speak to this Woodcutting tutor in Lumbridge. He says he can beat you in a yew cutting competition. Accept his challenge and he'll teleport you to a field full of yew, willow, regular, and buy old school runescape gold walnut trees.