When you have made your Clan you will mechanically get a Clan Guild

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    • When you have made your Clan you will mechanically get a Clan Guild

      As well as RuneScape gold the person you wished to add to your clan will need to accept or decline your invitation in a screen like this: When his combat level does not meet the prerequisites and he presses the"Accept", button he will get a message telling that he can't do it. "Clan guild" means which POH portal you want to use to input your Clans Guild. What's a Clan Guild? That will be explained below.

      When you have made your Clan you will mechanically get a Clan Guild. Its like all those other guilds from RuneScape (Ranged, Mining, Warrior etc.), but this one is your own and only your clan can enter. Inside this guild you'll be able to construct lot's of attractions. By way of instance, in case you've got a PKing clan you are able to construct a fighting dungeon such as in ordinary POH's, or if you've got a Skilling established clan, you may make a Contest Room with (for example) a Woodcutting Contest Space. Players receive Bronze axes and the one which woodcutts the most logs at a moment wins. Obviously you don't get xp and logs have been deleted following the competition. You may even add rewards to your contests.

      Now if you want to change the expression of the guild or transfer it to different portal, go and talk to your Estate Agent at Varrock. That's the same NPC that moves your home or changes is style. You may find him north of the entry into Varrock sewers. Ask him about changing the look of the guild and it is location and you will be accessible to change it for a fee.

      Now go to the buy OSRS gold POH portal and choose the option"I want to visit my own Guild." In the event you want to visit the Guild of the clan you have or choose"Visit a clan guild." And compose your clans name if you want to enter a guild you don't own. So if your friend has made a guild for his clan,"Pking d00ds", pick the"Proceed to some clan guild." Choice and compose Pking D00ds. If you are the owner of the clan start building the attractions of your Guild.